20 Days Private Yacht Cruise Mediterranean Islands


Discover the coast gems of Sicily and all its Archipelagoes including Malta Islands and let yourself be captivated by this spectacular cruise in the heart of the Mediterranean sea. The island of Sicily has an incredible richness of treasures and a geographic position which lends itself beautifully to exploration by the sea with most points of interest situated close to the coast. An exceptionally well-thought-out itinerary of 20 days dedicated to these islands and to all the beauties they have to offer.


Services Included: Fuel, skipper and hostess, welcome drink, soft drinks, seasonal fruit, beach towels. Not Included: Mooring, Galley to be organized on request, everything not mentioned in Services Included. The Fleet: We will check your needs with you in order to match the perfect yacht or motorsport boat for your cruise.


The Cyclops Riviera and Siracusa

We begin the cruise to enjoy the Sicilian east coast, dominated by the largest active volcano in Europe, Mount Etna. We will sail direction of the Timpa di Acireale, so called for the characteristic shape of the lava flows superimposed over millions of years and eroded by the sea. Here we will make a stop for snorkeling. Finally, we’ll reach the Mythological Cyclops Riviera: CapoMulini, Aci Trezza and Aci Castello, which are part of the beautiful natural marine reserve where you can see one of the most impressive shows that nature can offer, the Faraglioni. The legend tells that the Cyclops Polyphemus throw these stacks from the slopes of Mount Etna against Ulysses trying to escape from him. So enjoy a swimming just below the rocky stones with a diving mask to admire the marvelous flora of the marine protected area. We continue our cruise sailing south to reach Siracusa, here you will notice the huge difference between the black lava coast in the area of Catania and the white limestone coast of the area of Siracusa. A first stop is suggested in Brucoli Bay for swimming in its crystal clear waters. From Brucoli we navigate direction south-east to reach the ancient Augusta, admiring the spectacular white rocks that plunge into the sea. Finally, before to navigate to the Marine Reserve of Plemmirio where many amphorae of the Greek period were found, we will reach the splendid Ortigia (Siracusa), considered by Cicero as the most beautiful city of Greece with its Spanish Fortification Walls, the Arethusa Fountain and the Maniace Castle. Thank its beauty and glamor, Ortigia set is present in many Italian movies shoot and videos; the streets are very characteristics and charming, with white Palazzos and Baroque churches rich of art and great archaeological interest.


Sailing south we encounter the white sandy beach of Siracusa with beautiful islets until we reach the natural oasis of Vendicari with the fantastic view of the Island of Vendicari, the old Tuna factory and the Tower of Sveva. Vendicari is recluse and quite with an important presence of migratory birds which make this area a shelter for their home. A stop here for a swim in the crystal blue waters is almost mandatory.


Continuing our cruise direction south, the enchanting panorama of Marzamemi will catch your eyes. Here Africa and Sicily meet together making history, culture and natural beauties, the main ingredients of this fascinating small fisherman village. Marzamemi is built on a promontory just in front of the sea and it was famous during the ancient times for the tuna fish processing and preservation. Today Marzamemi host several bars and fresh fish restaurants in the main seventeen-century little square, surrounded by ancient palazzos and Arabic courtyards.

Portopalo di Capopassero

Situated in the extreme southern tip of Sicily and thanks to its strategic position, Portopalo di Capopassero has been a crossroad of civilizations of cultures challenging the Mediterranean sea. The view from the sea of the Spanish fortification and the imposing statue of the Virgin Mary it's just breathtaking. In front of the town, we also find the Isola Delle Correnti (Current Island) so called for the presence of strong eddies that are formed by the meeting of the Ionian and Mediterranean sea and described as the divers paradise thanks to its beautiful underwater world.

Punta Secca

Situated in the extreme north of the Maltese Archipelago and close to Gozo Island, Paradise Bay is one of the smallest beaches present in Malta. The Bay offers great and different opportunities for snorkeling lovers and can be considered as one of the safest beaches for swimming in the whole Mediterranean Sea. Consisting out of a limestone reef, Paradise Bay offers the perfect getaway for those seeking to relax and peace, offering a fantastic view of Comino Island with it's imposing tower. The beach is also very important as a site for several beach parties like the LoveSexy event taking place at this beach every year.



Donnalucata is an ancient fishermen village built during the Arab domination of Sicily in the southern coast of the Ragusa province. The particularity of this area is the blue color of its waters and the golden sandy beaches along the coast. Donnalucata host a natural and charming harbor with fishermen decorated wooden boats and it is also the location of the daily open fish market. Nowadays, the village is particularly appreciated by the numerous tourist visiting the area, thanks also to the television fiction Commissario Montalbano, whose scenes were partially shot here.

Valletta Grand Harbor

Once arrived in Malta you will be amazed by the view of the Grand Harbor of Valletta, likely the island's greatest geographical asset and a fundamental key to Malta's past. With its breathless view of Fort St. Angelo, Fort Ricasoli and the historical Three Cities (Bormla, Vittoriosa and Senglea), Malta’s Grand Harbor can be described as an open museum that was used as the main port since at least the Roman times. Valletta protected with massive fortifications, is the capital of Malta and UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the few urban inhabited cities that has preserved almost entirely its original features. The story of the city is linked to the Order of St John of Jerusalem and it was ruled by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Byzantines, and Arabs. The city has undergone no important modifications since 1798 when it was abandoned by the Knights of St John. Valetta is copiously rich in sites to see and look into, Like St John’s Cathedral, built by the Hospital Knights with its treasures including tapestries, Caravaggios and relics. In the city, you will find historical buildings, statues, niches and fountains in every corner, while the side streets are full of little shops, restaurants and cafés.


Mellieha Paradise Bay

Situated in the extreme north of the Maltese Archipelago and close to Gozo Island, Paradise Bay is one of the smallest beaches present in Malta. The Bay offers great and different opportunities for snorkeling lovers and can be considered as one of the safest beaches for swimming in the whole Mediterranean Sea. Consisting out of a limestone reef, Paradise Bay offers the perfect getaway for those seeking to relax and peace, offering a fantastic view of Comino Island with it's imposing tower. The beach is also very important as a site for several beach parties like the LoveSexy event taking place at this beach every year. 


Comino Blue Lagoon

Famous for its Blue Lagoon, Comino offers a sheltered bay of glittering, crystal clear water easily accessible only by a boat. Comino is full of caves, creeks and grottos, ideal for scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling and even climbing. The island is a common set of famous movies like the Château d'If in Alexander Dumas' The Count of Monte Cristo.


Gozo Crystal Lagoon

Gozo is the second largest Island of the Maltese Archipelago; probably less developed than Malta Island but much richer in vegetation. Gozo is separated from mainland Malta by a trait of sea and it is absolutely more rural and much quieter. Gozo is known for its breathtaking scenery, fantastic coastline and untouched country paths. Although the island of Gozo is rich in History, it is really famous worldwide to be considered one of the top destination for divers; this thank to the huge number of coves, reefs, tunnels, islet and lagoons with warm waters, stunning underwater scenery and perfect visibility during the immersion.


Gozo Dwejra Bay

The name ‘Dwejra’ comes from the Maltese language and mean “a small home”. It is situated in a very remote area and it is an ideal location for an excursion to the small village of San Lawrenz in Gozo. With its fantastic inshore formations and rocks, is a magical attraction for the ones swimming in the fabulous deep sea of the bay reachable only by the sea.


Pelagie Archipelago Lampedusa Island

Lampedusa with Linosa and Scoglio Islands forms the Pelagie Archipelago. Lampedusa, called the Mediterranean gem is the southernmost point of all Italian territory being closer to Africa than Italy. The island offers to his visitors marvelous coves, hidden bays, cliffs and sandy beaches. Being so isolated, the sea fauna of this island is very rich in fish, corals, oysters and sponges and it’s not difficult meeting Dolphins during a swim in the turquoise waters. Every year, thousands of people gather in Lampedusa to assist the Carretta Carretta turtle hatching eggs.

Pantelleria Island

Despite being very isolated, Pantelleria Island has been inhabited since ancient times. Here lived Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Arabs and Romans and its possible to find their testimonies through the houses that are still present on the island, the famous Dammusi. The Dammusi are squared white stone houses with a bottom roof to gather the little rainwater. In this wild island a special grape is cultivated for the production of the famous Passito wine and above all the Zibibbo; those vineyards are today declared UNESCO world heritage site. Pantelleria is a volcanic island where it is common to find steam emissions and hot springs, used since the Roman times. The volcanic coast is very jagged with a lot of grottos, coves and bays ideal for diving and snorkeling. The seas of this area are rich in fish, making Lampedusa a paradise for those who love fishing.


Scala Dei Turchi & the Greeks Temples Valley

Once arrived close to the Southern Sicilian coast, you will be stunned by the view of a spectacular stretch of coast called Scala Dei Turchi (Turkish stairs). This site is one of the highlights of Sicilian tourism and consists in a shimmering white cliff made of limestone and marl. Over the centuries, the wind and the sea breeze shaped this cliff, creating sinuous soft terraces which offer a spectacular contrast between the blue sea and the white of the rock. Another site to visit during this day cruise is the famous Greek Temples Valley, UNESCO world heritage site and maximum expression of the Greek period in Sicily. Here we will find some the best-preserved temples of all Magna Greece like the Concordia Temple, Hercules Temple, Juno and Zeus Temples. One of the most suggestive moment to visit this Archaeological Park is when the sunset begins and the darkness immerses the illuminated Temples.


Egadi Archipelago Favignana Island

Favignana is the biggest and most important Island of the Egadi Archipelago and its called the Aegadian Perl. Favignana host a very picturesque small harbor, two fantastic bays with green and blue waters and some very good fish restaurants famous for their fish soups, tuna and lobsters. Numerous are the caves present on this island like the Blue and Red Caves or the Sea Ox Cave. Favignana reaches its maximum splendor at sunset when from its bays you see the sun coming down the village tuff houses.


Egadi Archipelago Marettimo Island

Marettimo Island is the most isolated of the whole Archipelago and its wild, rough and steep. You will notice the huge rock formations, deep waters, isolated bays and a lot of Grottos to explore.


Egadi Archipelago Levanzo Island

Levanzo is the smallest Island of the whole Archipelago with a dramatic rocky cliff. The unique village present on the Island is called Cala Dogana and its particularity is the presence of small white houses. There are numerous prehistoric finds in this island and one of the most famous is the Grotta del Genovese, where you can see draws of the Paleolithic ages.


San Vito Lo Capo and the Zingaro Reserve

San Vito Lo Capo is a small town in front of the sea under a huge reef called Monte Cofano today a Natural Reserve. Situated between the cities of Palermo and Trapani, today San Vito lo Capo is a very famous tourist destination thank the beach stretch of the Zingaro Natural Reserve and the local food production of Cous Cous. In San Vito Lo Capo Sea we will find sea stacks, grottos and caves to explore.


Aeolian Archipelago Filicudi And Alicudi Islands

Filicudi Island, also known as Magic Island, is very small and remote and counts only 250 inhabitants with few shops and restaurants and just 2 harbors  Filicudi and Pecorini. The tourism here is less developed than the other islands of the archipelago but this is also the reason to visit this fantastic ancestral Island. In Filicudi we find an imposing mountain of about 700 meters called Monte Felci generated by lava eruptions in the ancient times and a natural fortress called Capo Graziano were a Neolithic village is still present. The islands host the biggest grottos of the whole archipelago while the islets and the bays are only accessible by the sea. Filicudi is a perfect destination for divers because there are many Greeks remains and sunken vessel just under the waters of this part of the Aeolian Archipelago. Alicudi is absolutely the wildest, remote and western island of the Aeolian Archipelago. Due to the conical shape of the island, there aren’t roads and cars while the donkey is still the only means of transport for the few inhabitants of this gem. Besides being so isolated, the island was already Inhabited by the Greeks, the Saracens pirates, the Romans and the Arabs. The Mediterranean vegetation of Alicudi is still untouched and the hidden bays are almost deserted, making the visit of Alicudi a real opportunity to step back in the past.


Aeolian Archipelago Salina Island

Salina is the second largest island of the Aeolian Archipelago after Lipari. Salina is also the richest in Mediterranean vegetation with two predominant mountains were the grapes of Malvasia wine and capers are cultivated. In Salina, we find 2 safe harbors, the Rinella harbor situated in a very picturesque area of the island and Santa Maria di Salina. In Salina, there is a small village called Lingua which is full of fresh fish restaurants and bar to taste the typical Sicilian Granita made in different flavors like watermelon, peach, pistachio, almond, coffee, lemon, fig, strawberry and chocolate. Circumnavigating the Island we will see the characteristic Bay of Pollara at sunset, Faro and the Punta Perciato Marine Arc. Salina is the cinematographic set of the famous movie “Il Postino” with Massimo Troisi and Philippe Noiret.

Aeolian Archipelago Stromboli Island

If Panarea is considered the smallest Island, Stromboli is for sure considered the most captivating. Thank its active volcano with continuous eruptions, visible from the sea in front of the famous Sciara del Fuoco, from where we will attend the spectacular natural event at sunset anchoring just a few meters from the lava coast of the Island. We will sail to Strombolicchio, a very little rock in the middle of the Aeolian Archipelago with a small lighthouse built on top of it. Stromboli host just 2 villages, Ginostra and Stromboli. Ginostra with its spectacular beach is located on the western side of the island with a small pier, mainly used for mooring the ferries; this small village is located on a cliff and will allow you to enjoy a fantastic view of the whole Aeolian Archipelago.


Aeolian Archipelago Panarea Island

Panarea; the smallest of the whole Archipelago and surrounded by several smaller islands, is very famous in Italy for its nightlife during the summertime when many famous worldwide DJs come here to play on the island discos and bars. Panarea is rich in Mediterranean vegetation and hides many bays and inlets to anchor for a nice swim, like in Basiluzzo and Bottaro with its sulfurous waters. We will sail to Dattilo and Lisca Bianca, passing St Peter and the Palomba Caves arriving in the fantastic Bay of Cala Junco. In the late afternoon, we will sail to Stromboli Ginostra for an aperitif and dinner on board at the Sciara del Fuoco. We will spend the night anchored at Stromboli.


Aeolian Archipelago Lipari Island

Lipari Island is separated from Vulcano by a small channel of 1,5 kilometers. Lipari is the largest Island in the Aeolian Archipelago with a large and safe harbor. Just a few steps from the port, you will find the old fishermen town, with its Castle and the Archaeological Museum. In Lipari, you will also find several shops and restaurants that offer a fantastic fresh fish meal accompanied by the famous Malvasia wine, produced only from the vineyards of this Island. Lipari is also famous for its Pumice Stones and for its white sandy beaches. In Lipari, we will sail direction Pumice Quarries, The Arc of Pietralunga, the Sandy Bay of Vallemura and the Canneto.


Vulcano Island & back to Base

With its 2 craters, clear waters, black sand, hot springs and muds, Vulcano is an island of wilderness and the ideal destination for a charter in the Aeolian Islands. We will sail and reach The black beaches of Gelso, The Horse Cave, the Pool of Venus, the Cove Mastro Minico, the West Bay and finally Cala Formaggico In the Afternoon we will sail back to Milazzo or Naxos (Taormina) harbor.


Highlights of this Cruise

CYCLOPS RIVIERA: Timpa di Acireale, Capo Mulini, Aci Trezza, Aci Castello and Cyclops Natural Reserve - SIRACUSA: Brucoli Bay, Augusta, Plemmirio Marine Reserve and Ortigia - VENDICARI: Natural Oasis, Old Tuna Factory and Tower of Sveva - MARZAMEMI: Seventeen-Century Fishermen Village - PORTOPALO DI CAPO PASSERO: Spanish Fortification, Statue of the Virgin Mary and Isola Delle Correnti - PUNTASECCA: Small Fishers Village - DONNALUCATA: Ancient Fishermen Village and Open Fish Market - MALTA VALLETTA: Grand Harbor, Fort Sant Angelo, Fort Ricasoli and Three Cities - MELLIEHA PARADISE BAY: Paradise Bay - COMINO: Blue Lagoon, Château d'If and Isola Delle Correnti - GOZO: Crystal Lagoon, Dwejra Bay and San Lawrenz - LAMPEDUSA: Lampedusa, Linosa and Scoglio - PANTELLERIA: Dammusi, Passito & Zibibbo Vineyards and Hot Springs - REALMONTE: Scala dei Turchi - AGRIGENTO: Greek Temples Valley - FAVIGNANA ISLAND: Blue Cave and Red Cave - MARETTIMO ISLAND: Isolated Bays and Grottos - LEVANZO ISLAND: Cala Dogana Village and Grotta del Genovese - SAN VITO LO CAPO: Monte Cofano Reserve and Zingaro Natural Reserve  FILICUDI ISLAND: Monte Felci and Capo Graziano - ALICUDI ISLAND: Contrada Tonna and St Bartolo - PANAREA ISLAND: Basiluzzo and Bottaro Sulfurous Waters, Dattilo, Lisca Bianca, St. Peter, Palomba Caves and Cala Junco Bay - STROMBOLI ISLAND: Sciara del Fuoco, Strombolicchio, Ginostra and Stromboli - SALINA ISLAND: Lingua Village, Pollara Bay, Faro and Punta Perciato - LIPARI ISLAND: Lipari City, Pumice Quarries, Arc of Pietralunga, Bay of Vallemura and Canneto - VULCANO ISLAND: Black Beaches of Gelso, Horse Cave, Pool of Venus, Cove Mastro Minico, West Bay and Cala Formaggico.



One of the best ways to discover Sicily is to sail its seas.  Active Volcanos, Crystal blue waters, history and mythology are all part of this super experience



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